When you shop at Zoe’s Store you’re contributing to our local community (and society at large) in more ways than you may think!

Locally owned businesses help to build strong communities by sustaining vibrant and walkable social centres. Local businesses engage citizens by linking neighbours and neighbourhoods into friendly and supportive networks of economic and social relationships. Locally owned businesses believe in their communities and want to see them thrive. They recycle a significant amount of their revenue back into the local economy, which furthers the enrichment of the whole community.

Zoe’s Store is no exception! Zoe’s Store is locally and socially focused.

Zoe’s Store re-donates goods to vital community service organizations, including: Alpha House and Lighthouse Mission Ministries every 3 months.

Zoe also supports the “Free Goods Referral Program”

People coming out of crisis situations, transitioning to housing, or those who have fallen on difficult times gain access to basic needs items through the “Free Goods Referral Program”.

They can obtain a certificate for $50 from either one of the following agencies: Mahmawi-Atoskiwi or Awo Tann and come in to Zoe's and to redeem the certificate as they wish. They program provides each individual with $50 worth of free goods. People come in and get clothing for a job interview, a winter coat, or basic household items.

Other sensible reasons to shop at Zoe’s Store:

It reduces your environmental footprint: reduce, reuse and recycle!  

Shopping at thrift stores engages you in a more personal relationship with the items you purchase. Zoe loves to collect stories about the items that come into her store. If you’re curious about something, just ask!

With new items arriving daily, you are guaranteed a broad range of interesting products to choose from. Why not mix it up and get creative? Be bold and experiment with your style!

With so many great products flowing through the store, you have ample opportunity to get your DIY (do it yourself) on! Why not get artistic and try re-finishing something, or creating your own unique statement necklace?

Zoe’s Store provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Zoe’s Store provides jobs for people in the local community for instance, Zoe's employs a lady to up-cycle vintage dresses and old denim into pillowcases and local jewellery desingners to re-create vintage jewellery into fresh and fun statement pieces, all of which are for sale in the store. Zoe also offers support to young artists, through Zoe's Store pop-up opportunities.