When you shop at Zoe’s Store you’re contributing to our local community (and society at large) in more ways than you may think!

Locally owned businesses help to build strong communities by sustaining vibrant and walkable social centres. Local businesses engage citizens by linking neighbours and neighbourhoods into friendly and supportive networks of economic and social relationships. Locally owned businesses believe in their communities and want to see them thrive. They recycle a significant amount of their revenue back into the local economy, which furthers the enrichment of the whole community.

Zoe’s Store is no exception! Zoe’s Store is locally and socially focused.

Zoe sources her products from a variety of places, always with an emphasis on shopping locally and supporting other small businesses. 

Small businesses are the back bone of economy and the cornerstone of our communities! 

Other sensible reasons to shop at Zoe’s Store:

It reduces your environmental footprint: reduce, reuse and recycle!  

Almost everything in a second hand store is recycled. Zoe even hangs clothes on second hand hangers and packs purchases in reused grocery bags. 

With so much great stuff already available, there's no need to buy brand new! At Zoe's Store we believe that it's better to invest in quality instead of quantity.