Zoe's Store offers a range of premium quality gently used brand name and vintage clothing for sale at affordable prices. All clothing turns over on a frequent schedule.

Clothing and materials – where they come from, where they go:

Zoe's store accepts donations of all, gently used clothing for both men and women during business hours.

Zoe's Store sorts the donated clothing, clears shelf space to accommodate selected new clothing and donates any received clothing for which there is no shelf space, as well as the clothing removed to make shelf space to local charities.

Summer clothing, yarn, fabric, and other items that do not stock Zoe's shelves go to Lighthouse Missions Ministries, who ships the donations to the Philippines.

Men's and women's clothing and shoes, and other practical items go to Calgary Alpha House Society.

How else your donations support community?

Please visit our Community page to see how your donations can be and are shared.

A big thank you to the featured models Eloise Yaskiw (red hair) and Nadezda Bakurova (blonde hair) in the image gallery below.