Zoe’s Store hosts a diverse array of collectibles. The trinkets and treasures found in the store appeal to a wide variety of collectors and the simply curious. Whether you collect for the thrill of the hunt or seek to connect to a point in time, Zoe’s Store has something for you!

Zoe sources her collectibles through in-kind donations, online purchases and in-person at auctions, estate and garage sales.

Looking for something in particular? We may be able to help! Contact us or better yet, come in and see us.

Recently cleaned out your attic, closet or garage? Planning on moving or down sizing? Thinking about cleaning out your spaces? Zoe and her team would love to hear from you!

Please visit our Contact page for the What, Where, When and How to donate to Zoe's Store.

Can I sell something to Zoe?


Have something particular?! Or simply something you’d like to show us? Just come in with your items or make an appointment to have Zoe come to your home to take a look.

Can Zoe tell me how much something is worth?

If you are unsure of an item's value or you think it may be too damaged to repair, set up an appointment with Zoe and she will come out to take a look. There may well be potential for painting, fixing, or creating some thing new. Zoe sees potential in just about everything!

Zoe does not consider herself an expert appraiser, but she is experienced and well connected to expert appraisers. If you want something appraised, she can help to find the right person for you to speak to.

Zoe will come to your home and pick up items anytime during the week or weekend, you just need to contact us and book a few days in advance.