Zoe's Store's Story

The building at 1403–14th Street SW has hosted community focused stores serving the neighbourhood of Sunalta and Calgary for more than 50 years. The first thrift store in this space opened in 1965 and Zoe's Store opened in 2008.

What is Zoe's Store?

Zoe's Store is so much more than a second hand store. It is a place to find stories and histories, treasures and trinkets, unique retro and vintage, as well as, highly sought after antiques and collectables. It is a place where the curious can meander and the cost conscious can browse comfortably.

Zoe's Store is more about people than things...

Zoe's Store is more about sentiment than sales...

Zoe's Store bridges time and generations...

It's a place where personal stories are as cherished as the histories of its contents.

Zoe's Store – come in to wander and wonder.